Fun Ideas for Girl’s Birthday Parties

Are you about to host a birthday party for a little girl? Have you stepped into host as a favor to the child’s parents? If so, you’re in for a great time. The options are unlimited. Follow these suggestions from the professional party planners and you’ll ensure memories for a lifetime for the birthday girl and all of her guests.


The general rule of thumb for a successful girl’s party is to limit the number of guests to the age of the child. A six year old should be limited to a maximum of six guests. Any more than that and it becomes overwhelming not just for the birthday girl, but for the host. Not to mention the costs can rise exponentially with each additional guest. Dress up parties are always fun. Party stores have a huge selection of inexpensive fancy dress up clothes for young girls. These clothes can also be the party favor. Consider taking advantage of the tremendous savings offered by  Groupon coupons and hiring a technician from a local salon to give the young party goers eyelash extensions. What a treat! You can also recruit a friend to help paint nails and apply light make-up. Group shots and individual portraits are a must after this extra special makeup session. It’s recommended to have cake and ice cream prior to the dress up and make up portion of the party as the two don’t mix.  As a courtesy to the parents of the guests, include the details of the event on the invitation. If any parents are hesitant, they will be able to express any concerns up front.  You now have the makings for an incredibly memorable party for a great group of young gals. Now you just need to decide on your party theme for next year!