Magic Shows – A Different Way to create Church Fun

Depending on what child you ask, church is something they look forward to or it is something they are dragged to each week by their parents. And most parents who take their children to church want their kids to enjoy it – to look forward to it, and to better off from each service they attend.

One new way that churches are making their services fun for children is to include an entertaining presentation in their Sunday School sessions, children’s worship sessions, or Vacation Bible School sessions. Lately, a magic show has become more common to include as the entertaining presentation. While some religious groups have in the past considered magic to be something evil, using the term “black magic”, now some church youth leaders are realizing that magic shows can be uplifting and very useful in keeping the attention of their children.

A sleight of hand show presented by a Christian magician will usually include several tricks woven throughout a theme or a message presented to the children. The message can include stories, Bible verses, and principles that the tricks and illusions support or illustrate.

And of course the fun nature of the presentation tends to keep the children’s attention, making it much easier to drive home a point. And it makes it easier for parents also when their kids look forward to going to church. Ultimately, a children’s magician involved in a church service can be extremely beneficial to everyone involved.

The youth leader benefits, because now the message they want to give their kids is being presented and received by the kids in a fun way that the kids will remember. More kids will also want to attend the event, making the youth department of a church grow, which is usually a goal of a youth leader.

Parents also benefit when they find their kids looking forward to church. Most parents who attend church with their children hope that their kids will adopt a respect for their religion and worship services, and find great fulfillment out of their kids enjoying church.

And of course the kids benefit, when they are able to come to church with their family and enjoy the service. When a worship service is targeted at the children it’s supposed to be reaching, it’s more enjoyable and more meaningful to those children.