Making your Dog a Real Family Member

Those of us who are fortunate enough to be dog owners, realise what a fantastic addition to the family they are, yet too many of us fall a little short when being reciprocal with the extent of the love that we give back. Your dog absolutely adores you, and your family, and almost worships the ground upon which you walk, a love that you can see in his eyes and wagging tail whenever he comes to greet you. In many respects he is treated exactly the same as every other member of the family, he gets fed at the same time, and goes with you on family outings, often making the day with his playful antics, yet when it comes to health, he is often left somewhat second best.

The Dreaded Vet

Dogs are pretty intelligent and it doesn’t take too many trips to the vet before they start to associate it with pain, even if the first couple of trips were purely for a vaccination, making it one of their least preferred places to visit. If we are going to be perfectly honest, not many of us are too thrilled about the prospect of a trip to the vet either, because we are going to walk out with a bill, which can easily get quite nasty. We don’t have the same problems when we, or any members of the family need to go to see the doctor when sick, or the hospital after an accident, because of one very simple factor, where the dog is often left out.

Health Insurance

The dog is a part of the family, and while we are all insured against accidents and sickness, quite often our four legged friend in this respect becomes a second class citizen, which is totally unnecessary. Insurance for pets is a sector that is growing very rapidly, for very understandable reasons. Most people can afford a few dollars a month to make sure our dog is covered in case of getting hurt or falling sick, while those who can come up comfortably with several thousand dollars, when not insured is much less. Sadly, many animals are put down each year, when the owner simply cannot afford the cost of life saving treatments. There are many different options available, from simple accident, or health, through to specific plans for different breeds. Hence you can buy Labrador pet insurance to ensure common problems in this breed, such as hip dysplasia or retinal deterioration is covered, which might be unnecessary in different breeds.

Once you are fully covered, you do not need to worry about what will happen if the dog has an accident or gets sick, which is pretty much inevitable at least once or twice in his life, because he will get the best of treatment, for whatever the problem is and you are not going to have to take out a second mortgage to pay the bill. Your dog really does become part of the family when he has the same cover as you, the wife and the kids, and while a trip to the vet might still terrify him, at least it won’t have the same effect on you.