Opening a Music Store Needs the Right Support

In every major city, there are necessarily creative people, and about half of them are musicians. They seek to develop their talents, and they periodically need musical instruments and other related products. And if you want to establish a successful business, think about how to open a music store in your city. It will be especially relevant if you yourself have a relationship with music and want to maintain relationships with colleagues.

Where to begin?

A music store is a special place. There are no showcases, and often there is not even a counter. The customers need to provide all the tools and other goods in the public domain, and their choice can turn into a real show. Musicians will necessarily want to try the instrument “in action”, which means, for these purposes, you need to provide a comfortable and quiet place. Given this, the area of ​​the outlet should not be too small.

If you want to open a store of musical instruments, immediately aim at a minimum of 90-100 square meters. In this area, you can place both the main goods (up to 3 thousand items!) and equip several soundproof rooms (in which the musicians will be able to try out the future purchase at full capacity). At the same time, if you cannot do any repairs in the showroom itself, then in the rooms you will need to carry out serious work for choosing the tools. They must be completely isolated from the outside world.

Another nuance is the sellers

If you intend to hire additional staff, choose former musicians, singers, DJs. It should be people who understand music and tools and can give the client professional advice. However, before doing this, be sure to register an IP and register with the tax office. It is also important to obtain a work permit from the municipal authorities. They should check your store for compliance with soundproofing standards – your customers and guests should not interfere with anyone. That is why it is better to immediately open a trade point in a separate room. It will be a kind of guarantee of silence for others.

How to open a music store

If in other types of business the basic investments are required for renting a room, then in such a retail outlet everything is different. The product itself is different, which you will need to purchase, will be much more expensive. Of course, you can save money and offer customers a catalog where they can order tools, but such a store may not get the expected success, because potential customers can also access the Internet with the same requests. If you want, that you always had an influx of customers, you have to spend.

What Is Needed

You will need a wide range of musical instruments (keyboard, wind, different types of guitars, etc.) light and sound equipment for concert halls, DJ equipment, disco technology and other various consumables, notebooks, spare strings, microphones, etc. The main requirement for this assortment is its highest quality. Another 3-5 thousand you will need in order to pay the first salary to your employees in the music store. It is desirable that 2-3 people work at the outlet (maximum 5), and each of them may require a special level of salary.