Welcoming Tarot Readings with Open Arms

The primary issue observed in first-time tarot reading customers is that they’re a little apprehensive about exactly what each card means. It’s normal to be a little nervous about cards like “death” or “birth”, but they generally are not intended to be taken literally.


For example, when a new opportunity arises, a birth card could be used to describe the event. It’s a new chapter in the life of the receiver. In retrospect, when pulling a death card in this situation, it could easily mean that the receiver’s old job is dust and he or she will be moving onto bigger and better things. This doesn’t always mean that you or someone close to you will soon be physically gone.

Many people are also afraid that online tarot readings are fake just because they aren’t in-person events where they can see the tarot reader. This stigma could easily be shaken once they virtually meet a real tarot reader online. The only difference between a tarot reading shop and a tarot card reader online is that they may be separated by a Wi-Fi wall between the two.

What Really Happens in a Tarot Reading

Tarot cards are simply picture cards that need to be interpreted for the person picking them. When someone asks for a reading, his or her energy subconsciously makes him or her pick a certain set of cards. The tarot reader then translates these cards to events or people in the receiver’s life. They are not meant to be actual predictions or act as a psychic bridge between the reader and the receiver. This is a common misconception.

There are ways to have a reading aimed at guiding your future in a psychic sense. If you wish to know the direction of a certain event you want to happen or are expecting to happen, advice can be given based on the cards you’re dealt and the ones you pick. The predictions will not be pinpoint accurate or answer every single question.


Responsible readers will encourage you to take advice and information that’s obtained from the cards and apply it to your life however you wish. They are not definitive answers, just guided advice from the universe and an experienced reader. Responsible readers will also remind you that you have the power to change your destiny as you’re the controller. The predicted events of the future are not set in stone.

Reduce the Chance of Receiving a Bad Reading

When a bad reading occurs, the issue is not about wrong translations or a bad reader themselves; it is about the outcome and the energies you feel. If you have a bad feeling in your gut about proceeding with the reading, wait until a better time to do so. Don’t go through with it until your bad gut feeling is cleared.

Saying a prayer of some sort before the event with the tarot reader will also help positive energy flow into the reading. Never go in with a slew of negative thoughts as the reading may turn out darker than you want.