Why You Should Learn to Play the Piano

Have you ever wanted to play an instrument but have never actually gotten around to taking lessons? This is altogether common, but the benefits associated with learning to play an instrument such as the piano are numerous, the least of all being that you’ll have a much better understanding of music. The following details some of the main benefits of playing the piano as well as some interesting tidbits about the piano that you may not have known before now.

Benefits of Playing the Piano

Whether you have a child that you think would benefit from playing the piano or you yourself wish to start learning as an adult, there’s no age limit to learning to play this instrument. Aside from being able to play some of your favorite songs and pieces of music, playing the piano comes with a wide array of long-term benefits. For instance, learning from a professional instructor will make you much better at handling any criticism that’s thrown your way throughout life.

Many people become defensive and combative when being criticized, even if the criticism is justified and said in a kind tone. You’ll learn to respond positively to criticism when playing the piano with a professional instructor, as you cannot learn and grow without making mistakes. You’ll also be able to handle stress better. Whether you’re attempting to perfect a piece of music in practice or are playing at a recital, going through this stress will make you stronger when dealing with it, helping you learn more about dedication along the way.

Playing the piano on a regular basis will also give you stronger hand muscles, which can be beneficial for carrying out a wide range of other tasks, such as writing. As you learn to play the piano, you should also be able to improve your sense of pitch, allowing you to better recognize the differences within musical notes, chords, and a wide range of other musical sounds. If you want to become an advanced piano player, a great sense of pitch is essential.

Types of Pianos You Can Play

If you’ve started to take piano lessons in Phoenix from a professional instructor and are considering purchasing a piano of your own that you can use to practice when in the comforts of your own home, there are several different piano types. Standard acoustic pianos are today made in two very different configurations, known as the upright piano and the grand piano, the latter of which tends to provide a fuller and more professional sound. However, an upright piano is more commonly used in the home. Along with acoustic pianos, there are plenty of electric and digital pianos to choose from, some of which even come with USB flash drives that allow you to record and play your own music.

These are just a few of the many ways in which you can benefit from learning to play a piano. Now that you’re aware of all of the advantages of doing so, start looking for a professional instructor that will guide you towards becoming a skillful pianist.